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Edukids is revolutionizing early childhood programs &
help parents stay connected.


Edukids had outgrown their visual look and feel. In able to position the company in the right direction it needed a brand refresh. This meant simplifying their visual elements and site architecture to better communicate the product and the brand. To gain trust, consistency across all touch points was something important to keep in mind.




iOS & Web Design


UI & Branding


Sketch, Invision, Photoshop, After Effects & Illustrator



The logo had potential, though there were elements that felt unnecessary. Less is more, so I started to scale back on the elements. I made the word mark the same weight and the leading spaced out evenly, to achieve consistency and clarity. The colors were also adjusted to reflect this fresh new look.



The website faced some challenges. It did not clearly communicate their product and message, it lacked brand consistency, and it was not responsive. The new design I created provided a better platform to tell their story. Through consistency, across all devices, trust grew among their targeted audience.


iOS Flowchart


iOS App


Menu Prototype

The app was initially designed without being able to select multiple students at once. I added a menu that slides down to accomodate for this  action.  Once a student or a batch of students are selected, the menu stays fixed. The user will then be able to navigate through the menu by swiping left and right.